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AZAM CHAUDHRY LAW ASSOCIATES (hereinafter referred to as the Firm) was founded in 1974 in Lahore. Currently, the Firm has offices at Islamabad and Lahore. The associates in the Firm are specialized in civil, commercial and corporate law, World Trade Organization Agreements, and private and public international law. Additionally, the Firm has provided, and does provide, wider consultancy services in fields of expertise other than law. The Firm has been rendering its expert and specialized legal consulting services in various domains.


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We have been effectively representing individual companies and group of companies before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Industry and Production and Ministry of Commerce, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, Board of Investment and other governmental bodies in order to protect their legal rights and to promote their business interests.


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We render advice to our clients in designing and negotiating joint ventures. We advise them on tax matters and other legal implications of joint operations. We have rendered assistance in setting up a number of joint ventures in Pakistan.


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Our firm has also provided legal assistance for cross-national and multi-national franchises in the fields of real estate, technical expertise and transfer of technology. Our legal assistance for these purposes has taken the shape of negotiations and drafting and vetting of contracts.


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The Firm possesses expertise in all aspects of the law of insurance and re-insurance, including general corporate and international insurance matters, regulatory and government affairs in all Pakistani jurisdictions, mergers and acquisitions, coverage advice and litigation, complex claims litigation and reinsurance arbitrations.


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Our Firm represents corporations and individuals before the competent Government authorities and Embassies in Pakistan. We also render advice to human resource professionals on recruitment of foreign nationals in compliance with Pakistani immigration laws concerning hiring procedures.


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The Firm also renders advice to client companies on issues concerning employment matters, including suspension, dismissal, benefits, compensation, retirements, golden handshakes and employment agreements. We represent a number of corporate employers and their officers in a variety of disputes with their employees who have been discharged or likely to be discharged. In addition to administrative [...]


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The Firm has been handling legal issues relating to Environmental Laws, Maritime Laws, Marine Pollution and Trade & Environment. Studies have also been conducted by the Firm on the following environmental issues: Vessel-source Pollution International Financing of environmental protection in developing states Marine Pollution The Firm also handles litigation on environmental issues.


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Our IT/ Telecommunication group offers a broad spectrum of legal issues relating to intellectual property, information technology, international telecommunication laws, telecommunication contracts, telecommunication laws, telecommunication licensing, telecommunication litigation, telecommunications regulation and satellite communication. Our Firm is presently advising the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) in regulatory matters and, also its clients, in drafting international contracts for [...]