Mr. Basharat Qadir was born on 23rd October 1944 in Lahore. He did his graduation from Punjab University, Lahore in 1964 and LLB in 1971.  He was enrolled as an Advocate in 1972 at Lahore. He was enrolled as an Advocate of the Lahore High Court on 4th July 1974. He joined the chambers of his father (the late Mr. Manzur Qadir, former Chief Justice of West Pakistan High Court) and received training in his chambers from 1972-74 and assisted him in the historical cases ie. Zarina Gauhar v. The State (Sindh High Court), Asma Jilani v. The State, Zarina Gauhar v. The State (Pakistan Supreme Court), Maulana Abdul Sattar Khan Niazi Omnibus Bail (Lahore High Court), National Assembly’s Bangladesh Recognition Reference (Pakistan Supreme Court).

He worked as a Legal Consultant, Private Power & Infrastructure Board (PPIB) from 1st April 1997 to 12th March 2001, and as Director Legal, PPIB, from  9th August 2001 to 31st December 2004.  His main responsibilities at PPIB were to provide legal opinion/views to the Projects Section in order to facilitate them in the setting up and running of a power project, keeping in view the terms and conditions of the agreements, e.g Implementation Agreement (IA), Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), Fuel Supply Agreement (FSA) and Water Use License (WUL), executed between the Government of Pakistan and the Independent Power Producers (IPPs). He was actively involved in the drafting and negotiating the Security Package which included the IA, PPA, FSA, and WUL in line with the GOP’s 2002 Power Policy.  He also briefed, and liaison with a number of lawyers (including the Attorney General for Pakistan), maintained and engaged litigation counsel in different judicial forums of Pakistan/abroad as well as ICC Arbitrations, involving the Government of Pakistan and PPIB. He prepared a GST Matrix, as a pass-through item in the PPAs of all the existing IPPs. He prepared a draft statute for PPIB. He maintained liaison with National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (NEPRA), WAPDA, KESC and NTDC in connection with issuance of Generation and Distribution Licenses to IPPs. He also provided legal opinions and support to the Administration, Personnel & Finance Sections of PPIB as well as to the Ministry of Water & Power on various legal issues. He also prepared and vetted Summaries for the Prime Minister, Cabinet, ECC etc.

He was Legal Consultant to USAID-Pakistan from 1st February 1984 to 31st March 1985 and Legal Advisor from 31st March 1985 to 31st August 1994 (for a total period of over ten years). He won a Meritorious Honor Award in 1987, Incentive Cash Awards in 1990 and 1993. He attended a two-weeks Seminar on Privatization and State-owned Enterprises, at IDLI (now IDLO). The prominent projects with USAID were: the establishment of TECHRED (a private-sector spin-off from the public-sector NESPAK), Sarhad Rural Support Corporation, The Pakistan Tree Farm Society, (Pakistan) Trust for Voluntary Organization and the Afghan Construction Logistics Unit.

He has provided legal services on regular basis to the US Embassy, Canadian High Commission, ADB, Action Aid, Asia Foundation, CARE-International in Pakistan, Health Services Academy, Investment Corporation of Pakistan, National University of Science & Technology, OXFAM, Population Council, Save the Children Fund and Sustainable Development Policy Institute, Islamabad.

He drafted legal documents with legal implications ie. Alternative NGO Bill for the NGO Community in 1996, Health Services Academy Bill in 1997 for its establishment by special statute.

His specialization is analysis of legal issues and of issues with legal implication, drafting legal documents with legal implications.