Sajid Hassan received his Masters degree in economics from Punjab University, Lahore and a diploma in banking from Institute of Bankers in Pakistan. He started his carrier by working in a commercial bank in Pakistan and later joined the Central Superior Services in 1972. He has attended courses in management, finance and public policy in various prominent institutions of the world.

Sajid Hassan has more than 45 years experience of work at management and policy levels both in private and public sectors. He has extensively worked in areas of education, finance & commerce in Pakistan as well as abroad. He made appreciable contributions in improving quality and output of organizations/entities assigned to him by upgrading their systems, processes and procedures particularly in the education sector where many new initiatives like revision of Education Policy, upgrading of curriculum and ‘Assessment’ and achievement of goals for ‘Education for All’ etc. were undertaken under his stewardship.

During his service Mr. Hassan worked in a private sector bank, various Government Ministries, a Public sector corporation, a diplomatic mission as well as in United Nations Administration in East Timur. He has served on the Boards of Directors of public sector as well as private sector organizations. As such he is well versed with systems, practices and procedures of both the public and the private sectors. Currently he is serving as a member of the Board of Directors of a private sector company.

Sajid Hassan has done consultancy work as a team member for the World Bank as well as projects funded by DFID, U.K. and USAID. He also served as Project Coordinator in Higher Education Commission of a mega project. He has vast experience of negotiations with international financial institutions like IMF, World Bank and Asian Development Bank.

The hall mark of Mr. Sajid Hassan’s track record is his dedication and commitment to achieving excellence in the accomplishment of goals and objectives of public policy in areas assigned to him. He is embodiment of positive thinking and has the vision and capacity of identifying issues, problems and offer their doable rapidly.