Mohammad Masoom Shah


Masoom joined a law firm as an apprentice in 2013 and started practicing law in the Peshawar Bar. During that period he assisted in civil litigation and constitutional matters including revenue litigation, rent matters, judicial review, civil appeals and revisions in District Courts, Higher Court and the Supreme Court.
In 2015, he joined another chambers till the 2016. During this period, he assisted in a number of cases in the Supreme Court, High Courts, District Courts and Magistrate Courts pertaining to Criminal matters including offences relating to bodily harm, murder, narcotics, property offences, offences relating monetary embezzlements and monetary corruption.
He has also worked as an Associate in a variety of tribunals such as the Banking Courts, Company Courts, District and Session Court, Tribunals, Civil Courts and Company Judge of the High Court, etc. During this period he also assisted Mr. Muhammad Ali in cases relating to Employment/Labor and Service matters.

Practice Focus

Presently, he is conducting many cases independently in the High Court, District Courts, Banking Court, Custom Tribunal, Income Tax Tribunal, Services Tribunal, Accountability Court, Labor Courts, NIRC, Special Court (Banking Offences) etc. He has also conducted a number of pro-bono cases. His main field of practice is Criminal Banking, Corporate, Civil, Constitutional, Customs, Labor, Services and Banking offences.


He completed his LLB from the University of London in 2013 and then enrolled for the K.P.K. Bar Council license in the 2014.