Specialized in the Law Services


Arbitration Cases

Our team of lawyers specializes in handling arbitration cases. Our arbitration group is there to serve the interests of our clients. We also provide legal assistance to enforce arbitral awards.

The major cases already handled are:

  • Christopher Associates of Denmark v. Lahore Development Authority – The arbitration proceedings were held in Geneva.
  • WAK Orient Power & Light Limited v. Westinghouse International Service, handled with Justice (R) Dr. Nasim Hassan Shah.
  • Dallah Real Estate and Tourism Holding Company of Saudi Arabia v. Ministry of Religious Affairs of Government of Pakistan (arbitration proceedings are held at Paris, under the auspices of the International Court of Arbitration) handled with Justice (R) Dr. Nasim Hassan Shah.
  • EcoWest International Private Limited v. Lucky Cement Limited – the proceedings are held at Lahore and Islamabad, handled with Justice (R) Dr. Nasim Hassan Shah.

Arbitration is often used together with (or after the failure of) other methods of dispute resolution including mediation, adjudication, expert determination and dispute adjudication boards. We have extensive experience in complex arbitration matters and the analysis of applicable law and procedure. We develop alternative dispute resolution stratagies and compelling written and oral legal arguments. Such approaches can provide very good opportunities to resolve or limit disputes at an early stage.


Power Generation and Energy Laws

Our Firm also renders assistance in handling legal issues with expertise in the power sector. Our team of lawyers has in-depth experience of Implementation Agreements, Power Purchase Agreements, Fuel Supply Agreements, Gas Supply Agreements, Water Use Agreements and other relevant documents pertinent to private power project implementation. The Firm further specializes in preparation of proposals for setting-up new power projects including Pre-Qualification Document and Statements of Qualifications.

We have provided legal advice on Letters of Interest, Letters of Support, Implementation Agreements (IAs), Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), Fuel Supply Agreements (FSAs), and Water Use Agreements (WUAs). We have also provided legal opinions and support to the Administration, Finance, Personnel and Projects Sections of PPIB, as well as to the Ministry of Water & Power, on various legal issues.

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Banking and Financial Services

The Firm handles offerings of debt, equity and securities, letters of credit and other credit enhancement modes. We advise on regulatory and legislative matters, which include capital adequacy, merger and acquisition proposals, and functioning of various financial institutions, such as Leasing Companies, Modarabas, Banks and others. We regularly advise our clients on laws, rules and regulations applicable to financial institutions. The Firm also specializes in advising foreign investors on the safe custody of assets and transactions.

The principal areas in which we work are:-

  • Loans and other credit facilities: representing financial institutions and borrowers in all types of loan and other credit facilities, ranging from syndicated loans to general banking arrangements, often involving multi-jurisdictional collateral;
  • Project finance: we have experience of transactions involving power stations, telecommunication projects, construction of roads and bridges, ports, industrial plants, transportation systems and infrastructure, and mining projects;
  • Capital markets: we advise arrangers, issuers and trustees on issues of bonds, notes, commercial paper, certificates of deposit and other capital market instruments; and advise on listing requirements for the major international exchanges;
  • All types of derivative transactions and treasury products, including financial, commodity and equity based derivatives, and foreign exchange and securities lending transactions, as well as the establishment of dealing operations;
  • We advise on securitization, trade finance, export credits and rescheduling and restructuring;
  • Advising custodians and institutional investors on issues relating to safe investments, safe custody of assets, clearance and settlement of trades.
  • Banking regulatory advice: this includes advice on regulatory developments, as well as advice on investment regulations.


Corporate Affairs

The Firm handles all kinds of corporate affairs including corporate finance and securities, on behalf of both issuers and underwriters in public and private equity, and debt offerings involving a wide variety of securities. We advise: -

  • Multi-national companies
  • Financial Institutions
  • Foreign Investors on corporate transactions.

We assist our clients in takeovers tenders, revising equity and debt capital and act on behalf of underwriters and issuers.


Mergers and Acquisitions

We specialize in advising our clients in Mergers and Acquisitions.

  • We have assisted a number of private sector organisations in mergers
  • Transfer of assets and liabilities
  • All legal implications therein

Our experts have worked with the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) extensively and have comprehensive experience in these matters.


Intellectual property

Our Firm renders specialized assistance in information on transfer of technology and related intellectual property issues and disputes, including those relating to

  • Patents
  • Trademarks
  • Copyrights
  • Litigation related thereto for a wide range of companies
  • Negotiate licensing deals
  • Negotiate acquisitions
  • Provide ongoing counseling and intellectual property reviews


International Trade and WTO Laws

The Firm has legal expertise in the field of international trade law including dispute settlement under the World Trade Organization’s Agreements and ministerial understandings on Goods, Services, Intellectual Property, Agriculture and Settlement of Disputes, with particular reference to agreements on anti-dumping norms subsidies, countervailing duties and safeguards.

The Firm has highly qualified lawyers of international repute with experience in WTO Agreements, and it offers its services to Governments and private sector companies. One of our associates has vast experience of advising various Governments including:-

  • The Governments of U.S.A.
  • China
  • European Union
  • Malaysia
  • And number of other countries

He has also been on WTO panels for the resolution of disputes, and has been a consultant to WTO.


Petroleum Exploration, Oil and Gas Laws

Our Law Firm specializes and assists in matter dealing with petroleum concessions and grant of petroleum rights, Regulations of Petroleum and Exploration Sector, Field Development, and Implementation Investment in Exploration and production, Joint Ventures and regulatory and Legal Consultancy Services.

We have assisted clients in drafting, negotiating and successfully concluding number of concession agreements, gas sale & purchase agreements, gas pricing agreements and all other aspects of exploration, pricing, taxation and assignments


Mining Laws

We also provide legal assistance in matters concerning mining through a team of experienced lawyers. The mining industry is once again riding high due to an across the board increase in metal prices. Landowners (individuals or companies) and mining companies are heavily involved in corporate ventures for development of their mineral properties. The goal of successful conclusion mining agreement is to provide maximum benefit to all parties.

We provide advice on both exploration agreements and production agreements. We assist in the formulation of elaborate structures of exploration agreements and tax regimes under which negotiations take place. We assist the interested parties in negotiations for their rights and obligations in mining production agreements for sale, lease or joint venture arrangements.


Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) Laws

The firm has specialized legal expertise in FBR administered taxes, that is to say Income Tax, Sales Tax, Customs and Federal Excise. We are experts in corporate taxation of multinationals, banks, insurance companies, non-residents, international taxation, tax planning, and avoidance of double taxation under International Tax Treaties with different counties.

We handle adjudication issues and appeal matters in Sales Tax, Customs and Federal Excise effectively and efficiently. The Firm represents its valued clients in FBR field formations as well as in Appellate Tribunals, High Courts and the Supreme Court (to their satisfaction).


IT / Telecommunication Laws

Our IT/ Telecommunication group offers a broad spectrum of Legal issues relating to intellectual property, information technology, international telecommunication laws, telecommunication contracts, telecommunication laws, telecommunication licensing, telecommunication litigation, telecommunications regulation and satellite communication. Our Firm is presently advising the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and their clients in regulatory matters, drafting international contracts for the supply, installation, testing and the commissioning of projects.


Environmental Laws

The Firm has been handling legal issues relating to Environmental Laws, Maritime Laws, Marine Pollution and Trade & Environment. Studies have also been conducted by the Firm on the following environmental issues:

  • Vessel-Source Pollution
  • International Financing of environmental protection in developing states
  • Marine Pollution

The Firm also handles litigation on environmental issues.


Distributorship and Agency

We render assistance to our clients in planning and negotiating licensing and distribution agreements, provide counseling on franchise, tax and export control matters and handle distribution disputes in courts.


Employment Matters

The Firm also renders advice to client companies on issues concerning employment matters, including suspension, dismissal, benefits, compensation, retirements, golden handshakes and employment agreements. We represent a number of corporate employers and their officers in a variety of disputes with their employees who have been discharged or likely to be discharged. In addition to administrative proceedings and court actions, the Firm advises on such issues as discrimination and harassment etc.



Our Firm represents corporations and individuals before the competent Government authorities and Embassies in Pakistan. We also render advice to human resource professionals on recruitment of foreign nationals in compliance with Pakistani immigration laws concerning hiring procedures.



The Firm possesses expertise in all aspects of the law of insurance and re-insurance, including general corporate and international insurance matters, regulatory and government affairs in all Pakistani jurisdictions, mergers and acquisitions, coverage advice and litigation, complex claims litigation and reinsurance arbitrations.


Customs and Taxation

Our Firm also deals with litigation matters concerning Customs and Taxation for a variety of corporate clients, and advises them in these fields.



Our firm has also provided legal assistance for cross-national and multi-national franchises in the fields of real estate, technical expertise and transfer of technology.

Our legal assistance for these purposes has taken the shape of negotiations and drafting and vetting of contracts.


Joint Ventures

We render advice to our clients in formulating and negotiating joint ventures. We advise them on tax matters and other legal implications of joint operations. We have rendered assistance in setting up a number of joint ventures in Pakistan


Agency Advocacy

We have been effectively representing individual companies and groups of companies before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Industry and Production and Ministry of Commerce, the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, the Board of Investment and other governmental bodies in order to protect our client’s legal rights and to promote their business interests.


Penal Laws / Criminal Justice

The Firm has the expertise to handle all kinds of criminal litigation, including advocacy and representation in Courts. We also deal with initiation of criminal proceedings, private complaints, bail matters, trials, criminal investigation and harassment petitions. We also provide advisory services in respect of all the matters relating to penal and criminal justice, emigration, prevention of money laundering and human trafficking, etc.



Our Firm regularly handles disputes and issues involving:

  • Arbitration and alternative disputes resolution
  • Banking
  • Constitutional Law
  • Construction
  • Employment matters
  • Environmental laws
  • Fraud and Fraudulent Conveyances
  • Insurance
  • Intellectual Property: copyrights, patents, trademarks, know- how and licensing
  • Internal investigations
  • Satellite & Telecommunication
  • Taxes
  • International Trade Law and World Trade Organization Agreements
  • Transnational disputes and proceedings


Trusts and Estates

The Firm makes its expertise available to closely held business entities and individuals in their future planning, both for companies and families of persons involved. In addition to the legal assistance on problems of privately held companies, we take part in planning, administration, negotiation and arranging sales of real estate. We advise foreign individuals and companies on investments in Pakistan.



Our Firm has rendered legal assistance to the Privatization Commission in drafting national legislation, on privatization and rules and regulations of the Commission. Our Firm has also assisted a number of private bidders in the preparation of bids and their pursuit.


Project Advice

The Firm advises on all aspects of commercial and industrial projects covering construction and engineering aspects, including structuring of projects, documentation, contracts and settlement of disputes.


International Organizations and Embassies

We also render legal assistance to a number of international organizations and embassies, and UN bodies in Islamabad. Our assistance mainly deals with questions relating to the domain of civil, private and public international law.